Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rugby Photos

One of the IT guys came to watch our championship rugby game last thursday and took something like 600 photos!  i won't post all 600, but here are some of the best ones...

 i can tag him with my eyes closed!

our injured players on the sidelines

go for the TAG seamus not the..err...oh boy.


the look of determination

for some reason i'm always smiling 

gotcha!  HA!

don't even think about it buster.

Daniel learned he can't go through people on this play...

which one!  oh no! 

fashion shoot!

what the?!...

that is a look of ferocity

how low can you go...

watch out - he's gonna hurl!


The End!

So now that we got a taste of glory, I think we're ready to go pro.  :)  But really, it was such a fun season and even more fun to win a trophy!  it's really a great bunch, and hopefully we can do another season because i have no idea what to do with my thursday nights anymore...

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